N. Fushigi

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They have spoken...!

They have spoken... about N.Fushigi!

Yup, people are starting to speak about our crazy dude  Mr. Fushigi!

See what the world has to say about N.!

Pestilence, war, famine, death as entertainment, N.Fushigi's enigma:

Awesome review of "Invisible" by Netlabelism.com to be read here: 


Getting Cozy With: RxGF:

Seattle band "RxGF" have mentioned N. in the list of artists that they enjoy right now! Thanks!


GrauZone: Headlights fuck the city:

This cool blog on dark ambient and avantgarde music has featured our stupid boss N.'s album "Terrorism", giving a really nice review that you can read at: http://www.blauhauch.de/headlightsfuckthecity/2015/03/16/n-fushigi-terrorism/

"Introducing... N.Fushigi":

The online magazine IntraVenous Magazine (IVM for short) has interviewed our crazy dude N. to introduce it to the peoplez (as if that shit he makes his music would interest anyone, right?). You can read it here: http://www.intravenousmag.co.uk/2014/12/introducing-nfushigi.html

"Digression nÂș1: A Fantasy of Dark Places" featured in Russian website Synthema.ru:

They briefly mention N's musical piece, and the fact that it's from Andorra (Confound it all, they found us! Quick, to the Fushimobile!!!). They also class N's utter piece of shit EP as "industrial darkwave with elements of neoclassicism and dark ambient" (wow, we bet N. didn't even think about those genres when he did his shit stuff).

Link to the site (in Russian, of course!): http://www.synthema.ru/51242-n-fushigi-digression-n1861-a-fantasy-of-dark-places-ep-2014.html