N. Fushigi

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The dude in the mask

N.Fushigi... Who the f*ck is this dude?

Well, N. (short for "Nazo", Japanese for "Enigma") is simply... a dude behind a mask. 

Vocalist, pianist, guitarist, composer... 

The list goes on, but he'd rather not say a word about it... or about anything else, for that matter. The dude's kind of a mute when it comes to promoting himself. 

Born somewhere (we don't know where exactly, ok?) and raised somewhere else (nope, we don't know where either, ok?), he just loves to make music. 

He doesn't like how dull and autoritary the world is becoming, so he speaks out (gag) with his music, taking us to dark universes where he can let us know what he thinks about stuff (not that we care, right? Just... don't tell him that. ...Please?).

He released his first piece of shit album, called "Terrorism", in May 2014, and surprisingly it was well received, especially in Russia thanks to "Digression nÂș1: A Fantasy of Dark Places".

Some time later, in 2015, "Terrorism" caught the eyes of French netlabel Eg0cide Productions, who inexplicably decided to release it under their label (they must have been out of their minds), thus allowing it to be more widely noticed and getting some really nice reviews.

And just because he couldn't just shut the fuck up, in 2016, N.Fushigi released a second piece of shit album called "Invisible", which (still inexplicably) received some good attention from various online magazines.

Stay tuned for Mr. Fushigi's (Japanese for "Mysterious") future achievements!

Just... don't take this guy too seriously... ok?