N. Fushigi

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Welcome to N.Fushigi's official website. Don't know who the f*ck N.Fushigi is? 

Well, run to the BIO page and learn about him! 

This site is still in construction, so keep coming back for more stuff!

"Invisible" by N.Fushigi

Allright, bullsh*t's over and the album's finally been released by Eg0cide Productions! 51:49 minutes of goodness that include:

1. Darkness, Unseen

2. Chasm

3. Myth nº1: Ride of the Four Horsemen

4. King of the Wolfpack

5. Myth nº2: Ode to the Seven Olympian Spirits

6. Worlds in Between

7. Into the Dark

8. Myth nº3: Psalms of the Great Old Ones

9. Blizzards of Cocytus


"Terrorism" released by French netlabel Eg0cide Productions!!!

"Terrorism" has caught the eye (and ears) of French netlabel Eg0cide Productions, who have decided to publish it under their label! So now you can also enjoy "Terrorism" at: http://eg0cide.com/2015/03/14/eg0_134-n-fushigi-terrorism/

"Invisible" is still in the making. More info about it soon!

N.Fushigi working on next album: "Invisible"!

N. is already working on his next album, which will be called "Invisible" and will be released somewhere around 2015.
The very first extract off "Invisible" is already up, and it's called "Myth nº1: Ride of the Four Horsemen", you can find it on Bandcamp: http://nfushigi.bandcamp.com/album/myth-n-1-ride-of-the-four-horsemen
More news soon!